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How will your project impact Oberlin?

Oberlin Tonight is a new student-produced satirical video blog about what is happening in the news that Oberlin students should know about. We will report on political news, upcoming events, international issues, or local news of interest to students, all while cracking jokes and entertaining the student body of Oberlin College and Conservatory. 

This project's first and most important goal is to help create a more informed campus and to bring new forms of news to the Oberlin student body. Oberlin has not produced something like this yet, and we think it’s time that our students have their own news show. There are great sources of news on campus such as The Grape and The Oberlin Review, but no one has attempted to put in the time to make short videos anyone can watch on a study break to get caught up on important stories of the day. 
This project's second goal is to keep the Oberlin campus entertained. A lot of students can watch an hour of Jimmy Fallon or a half hour of Jon Stewart, but that is a time commitment and it is aimed at a wide audience. Our show will target Oberlin students, which will make it more personal, especially when the staff and host will be Oberlin students.

With your help, we hope to buy a GoPro for the filming of the show, pay for the show’s website (including hosting the videos), and provide miscellaneous props for the show as needed.

  • If you donate $20, we will send new episodes to your email when they post, and we will put you in our end credit for the pilot episodes as a FUNDER.
  • If you donate $50, we will send new episodes to your email when they post, and we will put you in our end credit for the pilot episodes as a PRODUCER.

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    Jackson Short

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    Jacob Baron


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    Grace Freeman Lifschutz


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    Sydney Livingston


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Rolf Thunander

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tulle hazelrigg

Good Luck! If Jon Stewart is your inspiration, you have a great start.

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Heather Robinson

Only because Jake flirted with my daughter on Wrecker radio when she would call in to request Bombay Bicycle Club songs... you would have been at Oberlin together but she stupidly went to McGill instead! (oh, yeah, my son might be at Oberlin next year... w

Can I still give to this project?

January 1, 2015

Once funding has ended, can I still give to this project?

Yes! Visit www.oberlin.edu/donate, select "other" as the designation, and then specify which project in the space below.