100% Student Athlete Participation

by Oberlin College

Impact Area: Public Health, Society, Other

Campus Area: Athletics, Student Life, Other

Funding for this Project ended on 2015-04-01


Raised out of $1,000




Days Remaining

How will your project impact Oberlin?

For decades, the Heisman Club has supported Oberlin Athletics. Club members donate their time and money to enhance the Oberlin experience for all athletes. The Heisman Club is the only source on campus solely dedicated to supporting Oberlin Athletics. It has helped fund projects as old as the Heisman Club Field House and most recently, the Knowlton Complex. The Club supports things like championship gear, the baseball field turf, gators for the training room and wood chips on trails. It also assists with the cost of programs such as the Student-Athlete Cookout on Homecoming Weekend, the annual Senior Luncheon and The Obies. 

This is what it comes down to. If you are an athlete - the Heisman Club has effected and enhanced your athletic experience at Oberlin. Club members make your experience special and ensure the future of athletics here on campus.  

It is our turn to give back and join them. Show the Heisman Club you are invested in the future of Oberlin Athletics. During the next 30 days, it is our goal to have 100% of athletes make a gift. This is a powerful message to send to alumni and future athletes. Oberlin Athletics is on the rise; your donation exhibits that you recognize and support our progress! The Heisman Club is committed to excellence; show you are committed to the same goal. 

It doesn't have to be a lot of money; it can be whatever is meaningful to you. We’re striving for 100% participation; gifts of all sizes matter and add up to make a big impact! Give back to the place you love. Someday we will all be Heisman Club members, say thank you by supporting it on and off the field. 

  • avatar-male
    Emma Brezel

    Women's Tennis

  • avatar-male
    Randy Ollie

    Student Athlete

  • avatar-male
    Kate Hanick

    Student Athlete

  • avatar-male
    Creg Jantz

    Senior Assoc. Dir. of Athletics

  • avatar-male
    Natalie Winklefoos

    Director of Athletics and PE

  • avatar-male
    Jason Hudson

    Dir. of Student-Athlete Services

$ 2

Women's Basketball

$ 2


$ 5

Katie Lucaites

$ 5

Nathaniel H. Wehr

Thanks to the Heisman Foundation for all their support of Oberlin athletics. Let's go Yeo!

$ 5

Scott Miller

Go Yeo!

$ 10

Zachary Moo Young

$ 5

Jesse D Neugarten

$ 10

David Yarnell

$ 5


$ 10

Randall Ollie

$ 100

Carla W Freyvogel

I love you!

$ 20

Christina Marquette

$ 5

Simone K. Christen

$ 5

Jeremy Cooper

$ 20

Katherine Hanick

$ 50


$ 10

Emma R Brezel

$ 20

Allison J Gannon

Join the Heisman Club Facebook Page

March 3, 2015

Stay up to date with what the Heisman Club is doing and when they might be in your area!

Heisman Facebook Group

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March 20, 2015

Hey Squirrels!

Only 12 days left to give! Make your donation today!

Our goal is to have 100% of student-athletes give this March. It's about how many student-athletes participate! Please give what you can, we mean it when we say every gift matters.

How to Give:

  • See Creg Jantz – he will help you give right in Philips, fast and easy
  • OR donate right here - right now!

We're getting closer to that 100%, but we're not there yet!!!

Don't want to give online?

March 13, 2015

Don't feel comfortable giving online? - NO WORRIES!

You can give in person. Just go see Senior Associate Director of Athletics Creg Jantz and he can help you make a gift right there - Fast and Easy!

Have other questions? Reach out to Creg Jantz, your student reps Kate Hanick & Randy Ollie or your coach!

Let's Go Nuts Oberlin!