STEM Night

by Women in Math and Computer Science

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STEM Night is a great opportunity to help bridge the gap between Oberlin College students and Oberlin's youth. It is an educational event that encourages enthusiasm for the sciences among third through fifth grade students of Oberlin City Schools.

Last year, STEM Night was held in the Science Center and was led by students and professors from Oberlin alike. Student volunteers ran demonstrations designed for this age group in the Science Atrium while Oberlin College professors held demonstrations in their classrooms using their lab equipment. These fun and informative demonstrations also provided children with insights as to what a career in STEM fields might look like. Seeing professors in action increased the children's excitement to learn. 

One of our most important goals is to broaden children's view of who can be a scientist. Last year's student coordinator recruited professors, faculty and students of diverse backgrounds. This year, we aim to expand the program to include other areas of sciences and the arts. 

For our second annual STEM Night, we are aiming for 100 children to attend and to include professors and faculty from the neuroscience, biology, physics, chemistry, anthropology, and math departments, as well as as from the arts. We hope to provide children with lab coats, safety goggles, supplies for experiments, books, and more.

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    Lauren Wong

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