Sexual Information Center

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The Sexual Information Center is a student-run organization dedicated to sexual health justice through a three-fold mission: increasing access to sexual health/wellness resources; offering peer support for issues related to sexuality, including sexualized violence; and providing community education. We see sex and sexuality as a critical lens through which to address issues of equity and justice. Our framework views sex and sexuality as holistic, incorporating identity, emotional, and mental health into our understanding of sexual wellness. We believe that sexual education, resource accessibility, and survivor support are essential to anti-oppression work.

We aim to make ourselves and our services accessible to Oberlin College students and the greater Oberlin community. We also seek to collaborate with other on-campus and local communities to create safer spaces, as well as work toward positive changes in our campus and community culture.Through the services we provide, we aim to realize the major facets of our core beliefs as an organization.

  • Access to resources: We sell a wide range of safer sex supplies at no mark-up (condoms, internal condoms, lube, dental dams, gloves) as well as menstrual cups and 50-cent pregnancy tests. We offer free, confidential transportation to local sexual health and family planning clinics.
  • Support: Our trained staff members provide peer counseling and support on a wide range of issues, such as safer sex and risk reduction, STIs, birth control, relationships, pleasure, survivor support, and sexualized violence, including intimate partner violence.
  • Education: The SIC teaches two courses through the ExCo program: SexCo I and II. SexCo I is a comprehensive sexuality education course covering topics such as gender, contraception, STIs, abstinence, abortion, pregnancy, consent, and sexualized violence. SexCo II builds off of the basics learned in SexCo I while focusing on the social and political implications of the subject matter with the goal of agitating for justice. Roleplays, offered concurrently with the SexCo courses, is a semester-long counseling course which prepares students for peer support roles on- and off-campus. The SIC also facilitates educational programming such as workshops and community events.
We hope that any funds raised will help us expand office resources, increase educational reach and diversify our available products from beyond just safer sex products, menstrual products and pregnancy tests to reflect our commitment to promoting expression of gender and sexuality and access to sexual health products in the Oberlin Community.

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Ma'ayan Plaut

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September 30, 2015

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