OLAA Winter Term Projects Fund

by Oberlin Alumni Association

Impact Area: Education, Society

Campus Area: Arts and Sciences

Funding for this Project ended on 2015-07-02


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How will your project impact Oberlin?

The Oberlin Latino Alumni Association (OLAA) is raising money for the OLAA Winter Term Projects Fund to help Latino/a students with demonstrated financial need take advantage of career development opportunities during winter term.

Since its inception, Oberlin has been committed to helping students from all walks of life receive educational experience necessary to achieve their career goals. OLAA was founded in the spring of 1993 to facilitate the relationship between Latino/a alumni and current students and the College. In accordance with our shared missions, OLAA seeks to bridge the gap between the costs of taking on winter term projects that allow for networking and career related development opportunities and the financial resources of Latino/a students. All the money raised will be used to create this fund, geared toward making a difference in the Latino community on campus. So far, we've raised over $500 from alumni and friends of the College.

In recent years, OLAA fundraising efforts focused on raising over $14,000 in scholarship support for a fund called La Beca, which assisted six Latino/a students in attending Oberlin. OLAA is now turning to focus fundraising efforts to help these and other students who are first generation and/or in financial need get access to career development opportunities. From traveling, living, and housing experiences, OLAA is fully aware that winter term opportunities can at times be limited by the financial capacity of students. Recognizing this limitation, OLAA wants to support student's experiential developmental experience. At the heart of OLAA mission is to work with the College to increase the admission, retention, and graduation rates of Latino/a students.

We hope our current donors will join us in this endeavor, and we invite new donors to help many worthwhile winter term projects come to fruition.

If you would like to learn more about what's happening with OLAA, click here to read our latest newsletter.

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    Jeanette Velez ’80

    Steering Committee Member

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    Maria Orengo '81

    Steering Committee Member

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    Jose W. Melendez '01

    Steering Committee Member

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    Obed Garcia ‘09

    Steering Committee Member

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    Raquel Trabal ‘99


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    Lauren Salazar ‘09


$ 18

Ma'ayan Plaut

$ 15

Carly Machado

$ 25

Ana Melo

$ 20

Maurice Tscherny

$ 75

Aida Calvillo

$ 150

Maria Orengo

$ 15

Lauren Salazar

$ 150

Elio Trabal

$ 150

Raquel Olivo

Can I still give to this project?

October 31, 2015

Once funding has ended, can I still give to this project? 

Yes! Visit www.oberlin.edu/donate, select "other" as the designation, and then specify which project in the space below.