Thomas Van Nortwick Scholarship Fund

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Campus Area: Arts and Sciences

Funding for this Project ended on 2015-12-31


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How will your project impact Oberlin?

Alumni have always played a critical role in making sure students from all walks of life have the opportunity to attend Oberlin. Donations from supportive and generous alumni help students with the financial assistance they need to cover tuition costs and other expenses like room and board.

With that in mind, a scholarship fund is being established to provide educational opportunities to a deserving classics major in honor of Thomas Van Nortwick—or TVN as he is know to generations of Obies. The TVN Scholarship Fund has already received a generous lead gift from Oberlin College Trustee Tom Cooper ’78. Cooper has also agreed to match every dollar raised, up to a maximum of $25,000. 

TVN is the quintessential liberal arts professor. For the past 41 years, Tom has touched the lives of countless students who were, and are, in the words of one former student, “groping toward adulthood.” In courses such as The Meaning of Life, Tom has shown his students how the hero’s journey relates to their own lives as they wrestled with “the unnameable and the monstrous.” 

For Tom’s students, the classics are the texts of now, and he continues to fill his 60-person classes to overflowing, with students lining the floor, preparing to embark on their own Odysseys. He has authored six books, including Somewhere I Have Never Traveled and, most recently, Late Sophocles

We hope you will consider making a gift to the TVN Scholarship Fund. To learn more, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs at 800.693.3167 or email: 

$ 300

Christine D Worobec

To a wonderful friend, in memory of David E. Kyvig, fellow scholar, teacher, and aficionado of limericks! Love, Christine

$ 25

Nathaniel B Bennett

$ 25

Michal H Sagal

Thank you for being an amazing professor! I will never see the Iliad in the same way after your classes.

$ 18

Ma'ayan Plaut

$ 250

Sean Easton

$ 100

Molly I Samuel

For TVN, who taught me, two of my brothers, and one of my sisters to love learning and to love Homer with humor, patience and kindness. I still recite the opening lines of the Iliad to myself weekly. If you'd stuck around another year, you could've had a f

$ 50

Phoebe A Kline

$ 200

Bronwen Wickkiser

$ 10

Hugh Milner

$ 20

Elizabeth A. Miller

Thank you, TVN, for being such an amazing professor!

$ 50

Shira Gluck

TVN is the consummate educator, both inside the classroom and out. So grateful for the learning and the friendship!

$ 50

Noah Mlotek

$ 500

Ellen M Craig

$ 50

Daniel P Kane

$ 40


I am honored to help perpetuate TVN's legacy of extraordinary teaching and learning in Oberlin Classics. His teaching made me a better scholar, but more importantly, a better human being.

$ 150

Christiane Baker

Thanks for everything!

$ 100

Ronald Nelson

Thanks for your tremendous leadership in introducing Obies to the Classical World. --Ron and Helge Nelson, parents of two "Classics" Obies

$ 25

Austin Hill

$ 25

Daniel K Walden

TVN's guidance meant so much to me at Oberlin, and I'll never forget his Iliad class. Hopefully the next crowdfunding can be to collect the remaining cattle necessary for his hecatomb sacrifice!!

$ 100

Alice Nordquist

Thanks for everything, TVN!

$ 100

Elin Rummel

$ 100

Sean Harrigan

$ 100

Margaret Marshall

We love you, TVN!

$ 50

Michael Lynn

Thrilled to support this!

$ 25

Kerry Langan

What a wonderful way to honor Thomas Van Nortwick.

$ 500

Thomas Van Nortwick

$ 200

Susan A Gelman

$ 250


$ 50

Elana Bailes

The students who will benefit from this fund will be lucky--but not as lucky as those of us who had Mr. Van Nortwick as a teacher! With admiration and gratitude, Jacob Feeley and Elana Bailes

$ 500

Susan Bedell

$ 25


$ 25

Eushabel Tayco

$ 25

Mikka Tokuda-Hall

Can I still give to this project?

December 1, 2015

Once funding has ended, can I still give to this project? 

Yes! Visit, select "other" as the designation, and then specify which project in the space below.