Heisman Club

by Oberlin Annual Fund

Impact Area: Public Health, Other

Campus Area: Athletics

Funding for this Project ended on 2016-09-30


Raised out of $5,000




Days Remaining

How will your project impact Oberlin?

For decades, the Heisman Club has supported Oberlin Athletics. Club members donate their time and money to enhance the Oberlin experience for all student-athletes. The Heisman Club is the only source on campus solely dedicated to supporting Oberlin Athletics. It has helped fund projects as old as the Heisman Club Field House and most recently, the Knowlton Complex and new Hall of Fame and Hall of Honor display in Philips. The Club supports things like championship gear, the baseball field turf, gators for the training room and wood chips on trails.

If you are/were a student-athlete - the Heisman Club has effected and enhanced your athletic experience at Oberlin. Club members make the experience special and ensure the future of athletics on campus. 

Oberlin Athletics is on the rise; your donation exhibits that you recognize and support our progress! The Heisman Club is committed to excellence; show you are committed to the same goal. A contribution doesn’t have to contain a lot of commas; it can be whatever is meaningful to you. Gifts of all sizes matter and add up to make a big impact! Give back to the place you love and help current and future student-athletes.

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    Scott Kjeliberg '10

    Football, Lacrosse

  • avatar-male
    Tammela Platt '10


  • avatar-male
    PJ Carter '09


  • avatar-male
    Christa Wagner '08

    Track & Field

  • avatar-male
    Sarah Andrews '14

    Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball

  • avatar-male
    Carla White Freyvogel '79

    Track & Field, Cross Country

  • avatar-male
    Amanda VanAllen '09

    Track & Field, Basketball

  • avatar-male
    Phil Brua '11


  • avatar-male
    Brandon Cantrill '11

    Basketball, Baseball

  • avatar-male
    John Charles '87

    Track & Field, Cross Country

  • avatar-male
    Jordan Jancosek '11


  • avatar-male
    Madeleine O'Meara '13


  • avatar-male
    Alicia Smith '10


$ 10

Jordan M Jancosek

$ 10


$ 10

Randall Ollie


$ 100

Alec R McKinney

John, how could I say no to you! Thanks for your efforts on behalf of all of us and especially are current atheletes.

$ 75

John A Charles

From an '87 cross country/track runner.

$ 10

Michael Mancini

Reactivated for Homecoming 2016!

September 22, 2016

Due to the Heisman Club Hall of Fame Dinner and all the festivities happening during Homecoming weekend, the Heisman Club project has been reactivated through the end of September! 

Act now to support Oberlin Athletics! 

Can I still give to this project?

December 1, 2015

Once funding has ended, can I still give to this project? 

Yes! Visit www.oberlin.edu/donate, select "other" as the designation, and then specify which project in the space below.