STEM Night

by Bonner Center for Service and Learning

Impact Area: Education, Science, Society, Technology, Other

Campus Area: Arts and Sciences, Student Life, Other

Funding for this Project ended on 2016-02-01


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How will your project impact Oberlin?

We seek to build on the success we had last year hosting this event and continue our mission of providing Oberlin children with insights as to what a career in STEM fields might look like.

This May, we will host the 3rd annual STEM Night for Prospect Elementary School. This event is a great opportunity to help bridge the gap between Oberlin College students and Oberlin's youth.

Partnering with several Oberlin College STEM departments (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), including Neuroscience, Physics, Mathematics, Anthropology, TIMARA, and Biology, Oberlin College students walk children through hands-on science activities in the Science Building Atrium, while professors excite children with demonstrations in science labs. Seeing professors in action increases the children's excitement to learn.

Last year, the event hosted 35 children and their families. Over 50 Oberlin College volunteers assisted with the event, with additional support from the Black Scientist Guild, Women in Math and Computer Science, and neuroscience students. Children attending the event were entered into a raffle for a microscope and received a lab coat or STEM Night t-shirt, along with an experiment book and non-fiction science book of their choosing. Funding is provided in part by the Oberlin City School district, and funds raised through the Oberlin College Illuminate campaign will be used to purchase materials for the experiments and for non-fiction books to be given to children who participate in the event.