Oberlin in Solidarity with El Salvador!

by Oberlin in Solidarity with El Salvador

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For over a decade now, Oberlin students have maintained a relationship with the community of Santa Marta in Cabañas, El Salvador -- one which has a powerful history of community organizing in response to violence and injustice. Oberlin in Solidarity with El Salvador (OSES) is an organization working both on- and off Oberlin's campus to organize winter term trips to Santa Marta. There, 8-12 students will live in home-stays, learn the community’s history, and participate in community organizations, which have included a greenhouse, a woodworking collective, a community radio station, an organization working with HIV-positive Salvadorans and promoting gender justice, and a health clinic.

Through this Winter Term experience, we seek to continue this incredible relationship with the people of Santa Marta, learn about El Salvador's history and the legacy of U.S. imperialism in the region, hear testimonies of those who lived through the Civil War, and upon returning to the U.S. amplify the voices of those we've met.

Donating to this campaign means you're helping make this incredible experience financially accessible to low-income students! Please consider giving whatever you can!

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