How do I contribute to a project on the Oberlin Crowdfunding site?
Find the page for the project that you would like to contribute to and click "Fund This Project". You will be asked for a contribution amount and credit card information. You can also contribute by telling your friends and family about a project that you are interested in, or by spreading the word across your social networks. 
What methods of payment does the site accept?
At this time, Oberlin Crowdfunding is only accepting credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). If you are interested in giving by other means, please call (800) 693-3167.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes. You will receive a gift receipt from the Oberlin Annual Fund for the entirety of your tax-deductible support.
Is my contribution amount publicly displayed?
You have the option of making an anonymous contribution.
Does Oberlin store my credit card payment information?
No, we don't store any payment or credit card information.
I'm a senior and I would like to give via my matriculation. Can I do that?
Yes! Click here! We will then manually add your name to the donor roll.
Can I share that I contributed to a project through my social media accounts?
Yes, please do! There is button on the Oberlin Crowdfunding site thank you page that you will see after a contribution is given that will allow donors to share their contribution with their own social networks. 

What if the project doesn’t meet its goal?
If the project does not meet its funding goals, the project team leaders are asked to develop new milestones appropriate to the level of funding received to move the project forward. Crowdfunding projects are administered by the Oberlin Annual Fund, which provides oversight.
What happens if a project is overfunded?
If a project exceeds its funding goal, additional project funds beyond the stated goal amount may be used towards the project. Any funds available after the project ends may be used to benefit other projects within the program.
When will a project receive funds?
Projects will receive their funds once the funding period has ended (typically 30-45 days from the start of the funding period). If a project doesn't reach their goal, they will still receive their funds within that time period.

Once funding has ended, can I still give to this project?
Yes! Visit, select "other" as the designation, and then specify which project in the space below. 
Are these gifts considered Annual Fund gifts?
Yes, all gifts made through this site are considered Annual Fund gifts.
Who can start a project?
The crowdfunding platform is open to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and student organizations! 

How can I get my project on the Oberlin platform?
Use the “Create Project” button to submit your idea. Make sure you submit all the required information.
Questions about Oberlin Gift Acceptance Policy?
Oberlin reserves the right to refuse any gift. Reasons for refusal include but are not limited to gifts that are incompatible with Oberlin's mission, for purposes which have not been pre-approved by Oberlin's administration and/or board of trustees, put the assets or reputation of Oberlin at risk, are intended to pass through Oberlin for the benefit of other organizations or individuals, or are otherwise prohibited by law. In cases where this policy conflicts with any preexisting policy, the preexisting policy shall be reviewed by the Gift Acceptance Committee, which shall then make the appropriate recommendations and/or actions.
Who should I contact if I have questions about this website?
Contact Angie Mattox at or call (800) 693-3167.